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Time to kill?
Need a laugh?
Welcome to the Junkyard. Life can be a b*tch...

Fret not, we've got you!
Sit back. Relax. Have a little fun!
The future is bright - be a part of it.
We don't judge.

Funny cartoons to make you laugh.

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About Junkyard Animations

Pav started this brand a LONG time ago, and with much cruder, lewder, and ruder content... We're talking borderline obscene!

The Dozer (Pav) has never been one to shy away from an interesting video. Now, with the state of the World the way it is, Junkyard is meant to be a refuge to those who need laughter, joy, and a sense of thrill back in their lives.

The new team is on a mission to help people feel all fuzzy inside.
Connect with like-minded individuals in a free and fair environment!